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"The Amazing TV Dinner"
  I was assigned to Matthew a student at Waverly Shell Rock Middle School Iowa and he is an art student in Mrs. Myers class. Matts post was about a television dinner tray in which he designed. I commented and stated how unique the tray was. Matt seemed to be a very creative and intelligent individual.

the amazing
Top Five Teen Books to Read
Danni from Kingsland high school wrote a blog post listing top five teen books to read.
1. The Great Gatsby by  F. Scott Fitzgerald

2. The Giver by Lois Lowry

3. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

4.The Boy in The Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

5.Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

I commented to Dani that The Great Gatsby was my favorite book and I stated that there is a  new Great Gatsby Movie out.



Blogpost 14 Teaching Can Be A Profession By. Joel Klein

Teaching Can Be A Profession 

  • Not equipping education candidates in reading instruction  
  • Anyone that has a college degree can be a teacher 
  • Teachers are paid the same regardless of their performance 

  • Provide better academic training 
  • recruit from the top 3rd of graduates 
  • require an entry exam and promotional exams 


  I agree that there is a problem with allowing anyone that holds a college degree to teach. As an education major ,we learn about certain aspects of teaching that are not taught in most majors. I believe that it takes more than just a degree to teach , rather a passion and knowledge of the field. How would a non-educational major understand how to deal with childhood disorders in some students. There are many factors when working with students that just an ordinary college student would not be equipped for with out prior  preparation.Part of that preparation includes student teaching. Student teaching allows education majors to intern under a teacher and actual hands on field experience.

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Blog post 11

Blog Post 11 How do we engage elementary students using technology? Answer the question in a post that adheres to the standards found in the ACCRS and in Writing A Quality Blog Post.

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Mrs. Brofosky is a elementary administrator and I had the privilege of commenting on her blogs . In the first blog that I read and commented on Mrs. Brofosky was explaining how her role had changed from a teacher to an administration. The responsibilities in which she had to take as in administrator increased.  The second blog post was about classrooms and how to make students enthused.

Project 10

Blog post 12

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Blog Post 11

What can we learn about teaching and learning from these teachers?
Back to the Future by .Brian Cosby
Mr. Cosby taught at a rural school where half the students did not know their home phone number. He had to figure what was the disconnect with his students. So, he started engaging his students in project based learning. The project his students created was "The High Hope s  Balloon . Students embedded videos from projects in their blogs and explain what happened. Students wrote stories about taking a trip as if they were the balloon. They also created books in which they on their blogs along with pictures. Students had to set goals for themselves as par t of the High Hopes. Not only for themselves ,but their school and community.
cloud network The students:
  • Read/write to learn - content
  • Connect globally /aware globally
  • Feedback
  • Articulate
The main goal is teaching kids to become learners.
 What are the possibilities ?
  • Connect empower active
  • motivate collaborate
Mr.. Cosby included a young girl in the learning environment that was ill . This proved that PBL is interactive and includes everyone.

Blended Learning Cycle
1. Engaging - ask a question
2. Explore- experiment
3. Explain - Phenomenon
4. Expand - upon the explanation
5. Evaluate

Acronym- QUIVERS
Summary Quiz

more people will be motivated Super Digital Citizen
5th grade teacher Mr. Pane
"With great power comes great responsibility "
Unsafe digital use :
  • Hacking
  • giving personal information
Students had to create a digital Superhero citizen and also create a narrative between them and their superhero. Students built comics and this teaches them dialogues.
Students were given the opportunity to take a "gallery walk' and see others work in the classroom.
1. Write narratives to develop imagined experiences or events
2 Analyze how visual and multimedia elements contribute to text
3. Ask and answer questions

Project based Learning
  • engaged learners
  • deeper understanding
Use of technology to enhance and share student learning in richer ways .
Teachers have to teach beyond the curriculum.

Project Based Learning Roosevelt Elementary
  • in depth learning
  • integrated thematic instruction
  • based on a real world problem
  • research based
  • project and presentation
Project Based Learning - An instruction approach works with real
teacher collaborates
cooperative learning
 children show true understanding
Students are encouraged to practice public speaking within projects.

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C4 K Summary

So today I am going to blog about bus’s. I chose this topic because at my school we don’t have bus. I want buses because some times it is hard for parents to get the kids to school and then get to work. I think that we should have bus because the parents to get to work and not be late. I also think that we should have a bus is because I think that it could reduce the tardy’s we have. Some of the kids who are being late are staying in bed and be lazy all mourning and then when it is time to leave they are running around the house trying to get every thing gathered and they spend 30-minutes trying to get in the car or they left something and they can’t find it.The reason why I want buses is because when I had to catch the bus or I had walk to school my parents trusted me to get up and do what I had to do and catch the bus in time,and i tested our responsibility of the child. That is why we need Bus.Photo of Saf-T-Liner C2 bus Hi Arrick, Your proposal about wanting to have buses at your school is very convincing. You gave great reasons as to why buses would be useful for you as a student and you even included how it would help your parents. Excellent work !!!Continue writing you will go far. My “Abuelita”and my” Grampa wampa”moments. When I was 3 I used to call my grandmother my Grammy Wammy and whatever I did with my Grandma I would always call her Grammy Wammy and she and I always had a gwammy day and that day was when her and I would go and have a lemonade stand ,go shopping,have a tag sale,donate money to hospitals and as I got older I realized that those times were the best times of my life.On the other hand, I used to call my grandfather grampa wampa and we also had a special day together and every Monday,Wednesday and Fridays we would always go to get ice cream and I still remembe that I used to get 4 scoops of chocolate and 1 extra scoop of vanilla and as I got older I also realized that those were the best moments of my life and I wish I can Drink from the Fountain Of Youth to go back and have those good moments again! Mia Britton Serenity, Well written description of your memorable times with your grandparents. It is great to know that you enjoy your family and their company. Remember that family is everything and no one can ever take your families place or those special moments away.

Project 12

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Project Based Learning

Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning
There are two criteria that projects should meet
              1.Students must perceive work
              2.fulfills educational purpose
1.A Need to Know
Teachers can present students with an issue around them and allow students to discuss the situation. This will launch a project with a entry event that will initiate questions. The goal is to motivate students thoughts and opinions which will lead to a driving question.
2. A Driving Question
The driving question is the motivation behind a project. The question should give students a sense of purpose and challenge It should be an open-ended question and geared towards what students will learn. The driving question is the main point and will provide students with understanding about a particular subject area.
3. Student Voice & Choice
The more students voice their opinions and have power of choice the better their understanding will be. Students can choose topics and driving questions for their projects.
4. 21st Century Skills
Collaboration is a skill that is needed for project based learning. Role playing and tea building activities provide ways of exercising communication skills. A teacher in a project based learning environment assesses these skill.
5. Inquiry and Innovation
As students conduct their research  more questions arise . Hence, this means that students are learning and finding meaning within the project
6. Feedback and Revision
Students can submit rough drafts and collaborate with peers to revise their projects. By doing this students will receive feedback from their peers. Also, teachers can create rubrics to provide useful feedback for the student.
7. A Publicly Presented Product
Students will present their projects to an audience. The audience can consist of parents ,peers etc..

Project Based Learning for Teacher
Are you tired of busy work?
Playing school ?
Project Based Learning has students working over an extended time answering a driving question. The question is deep and requires students to complete an end product to share their learning with others.
Common Core State Standards are the what .....
  • Rigrous content
  • aligned with college and work expectations
  • clear and understandable
  • application of knowledge
  • evidence based
Project Based Learning is the How...
  • Inquirng based
  • open ended
  • problem solving
  • personalized
While meeting standards and creating a real product students learn
  • collaboration skills
  • communication skills
  • critical thinking skills
  • career and life skills
Think of Project Based Learning as
  • Questioning
  • Investigating
  • Sharing
  • Reflecting
Technology plays a role:
  • Powerpoint
  • Glogster
  • Meeting works
  • Record Mp3 
  • Zooburts
  • popplet
  • Edmodo
  • Prezi
  • Google Docs
  • Pic collage
  • Blabberize
  • Educreations
  • QRcodes
  • Skype
  • Schooltube
  • Dropbox
  • Pbworks
  • Rubistar
  • Doing projects vs.Project based learning
Students take charge of  their learning.
Einstein once said " I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn."
Project Based Learrning includes :
  • having a purpose
  • addressing a audience
What Motivates Students today ?

Peyton stated that he likes when teachers point out that he did well on test and they announce it that makes him feel good like he accomplished something. He also said it fosters good self esteem for him.

Emily- What motivated Emily is her drive to succeed in life and being able to live comfortably. She also mentioned how she wants to be able to provide for a family one day and that's what drives her to do well in school.
Eshan-"I have to get really good grades to get into college and have a degree. what motivates me is that I will be able to do what I want when I grow up."
Landen-"I do good because I wont be able to attend my baseball games and I would get grounded"

Watery Ketchup


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Project 9

Blog Post 8

What can we Learn about teaching and learning Randy Pausch's ?

Randy Pausch lectured about making his dreams and others dream come true. Some of his childhood dreams that he never imagined would come true became a reality for him.  Randy said that you need to be specific with your dreams. When screwing up and no one says anything to you anymore that means they gave up. Sometimes you have to head fake children and that means they should learn more from extracurricular activities than what is expected. Brick walls are there for a reason not to keep us out but to sow how badly we want things. So, one of his driving questions was "How can I enable childhood dreams of others?" Just by being there for the student and guiding them can help enable their dreams. While trying to accomplish things expect arrows in your back. The best way to teach someone something is to make them think they are learning something else. The best way to teach students is having fun while learning something hard. Overall, this video was a funny and informative, Randy showed just how learning should take place.
How to get people to help you ......
1. You can't get there alone
2.Tell the truth
3. Be Earnest
4.Apologize when you screw up
5.Focus on others not yourself

C4T Summary

Joseph McCaleb  is a teacher and his blog pen name is Doc Horse ,I enjoyed reading his informative blogs.
My Response
Mr. McCaleb, Your post inspired me. When you stated that we often don't use the sense we were born with I agree that many of us don't use our God given brain. As a student, I am very lazy sometimes ,but often I am very much capable of completing tasks at hand. Your example story was a great analogy.

  Joseph McCaleb Response : Thanks, Mia. I wish you were with our class when we did the Buried Treasure story about a person who is called Lazy. At first it doesn't make much sense; but when we work with it, we see how some important qualities may be slow developing and need to be handled with care if they are to progress through "not-yet-sense" and on into special meaningfulness.

My Response:

Once again Mr.McCaleb your skillful writing has convicted me. I have been one of those worn out students by the 7th week of school I want to cry my eyes out because of the constant tests and essays. The constant distractions like football games and fall break makes me loose site of my educational goals.But as you stated in your post just hold your horses.dochorsetales

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Blog Post #7

How to make an audio QR video
Gulf shores Elementary librarian, Mrs.Bennet demonstrates how to make a audio QR video. The QR codes are similar to tape recording except you use a computer. This process is much quicker than past processes. The process includes two websites, and a word document. You can sit in a quiet room and record yourself reading a book for your students. This tool can also be used as a rereading tool before they read in their groups. Children tend to replay the reading the reading tool more of their voice. To start recording:
  • you click record can play it back and if you don't like the recording you can click start over
  • then click save recording
  • immediately a URl will appear
  • the computer copies the QR code
  • go to QR code generator
  • enter URl
  • click create qr code generator
  • copy the image
  • copy this to word document
  • type students name
  • print
  • Ipad
    IPad Reading center
    Students can record themselves reading. They can listen to their recording for mistakes made. There is no work involved in the reading center. The reading center enhances students reading skills and allows them to hear themselves reading. Mrs. tucker demonstrates how to use paper in a center. Poplet is an app that you can Download in the app store. Mrs. Tucker gathered books on careers and allows students to choose from those books. Students can put information from the book into their Poplet. Mrs.Tucker also demonstrated How students can take pictures to go along with their information. Students can make a text to do along with the picture. Once the Poplet is complete the image is similar to a standard web. Students can screenshot their Poplet so that they can save the information.
    Alabama virtual library
    Alabama Virtual Library
    Mrs. Tucker form Gulf Shores elementary, provides a complete break down as to how she uses AVL with kindergartens. Students type in their words that they learn into AVL. Example: A bicycle Students Searches bicycle in AVL. An audio introduction is given. Then students draw the object on their worksheet. The second week students have to write a sentence based on what they learned. The worksheet shows that students know what they learned and how much knowledge was obtained.
    How to use and build a board in Discovery Ed. for PBL
  • 1:watched video on discovery Ed. about the moon
  • 2:students wrote facts about the moon
  • 3:the students worked together to create a board on Discovery Ed
  • 3: choose background
  • 4:title then click continue
  • 5: click add
  • 6 click headline
  • 7:textbook allows for facts to be inserted
  • 8: videos or images can be added also the videos from discovery Ed can be used
  • 9: students write narratives
  • Students sharing board builders Mrs. Tussin's second grade class ,Whales by Joey and Cayden Loose Change for the Haven Using IMovie and AVL in kindergarten
    Mrs. Tuck From Gulf Shores Elementary began using IMovie trailers with kindergartens. You go through iMovie trailer, children write the scripts and put a statement about the picture. The kindergartens take the essence of the story and put it on iMovie. Kindergarteners are basically making book trailers. The students have different stations that reinforce their learning. One of the stations is in IMovie trailer and they will have a different book. Once youR students started on the mechanics of a program , the students take off with it and make their own project out of it. The students enjoy it so much that teachers cant move on .
    AVL- Mrs. Davis describes how you can use AVL. Each week give students a list of animals to search. AVl is a free tool that works as a educational search engine.
    We All Become Learners
    According to Mrs. Bennet when using a device it changes the dynamics of learning. The teachers Teaching students ,students teaching students ,and students teaching teacher. A kindergarten showed Mrs.Bennet how to add a picture to Padlet. The librarians support the teacher by teaching programs to students, so they can put it to use in the classroom. We all become learners in each others personal network. Teachers are no longer worried with the mechanics, they get the students to show them things.

    Project 7 Part B

    Project 7 Part B

    Sunday, September 28, 2014

    C4K Summaries

    Siu wrote about managing yourself. Sius post:
    This competency is associated with self motivation, a can do attitude.Student that manage seeing themselves as enterprising ,resourceful, reliable, resilient and capable learners.They establish personal goals make plan manage project and set high standards they have strategies for meeting changes.They know when to lead when to follow and when to act interpenterly.
    My response:
    Hello Siu, Excellent job on giving a clear outline on self management, seems as if you really grasped the concepts that you learned on self management. Siu continue working diligently in your course work and you will display the attributes of a self managed student as you described in your blog.
    Katherine wrote about making a post about fun facts.
    Hey guys, Katherine here! So, just a few seconds ago I was really bored and I really wanted to write a blog post. I was thinking of ideas like something about sailing or soccer or a movie I liked and then I thought I could do an informational post, almost like a report. Then, two words came to mind. Fun. Facts. I thought that every week I’d make a Fun Fact post about a different topic and you guys can vote on which topic by commenting suggestions or voting for a few suggestions that I will post within the Fun Fact post. Here a few topics that you can choose to vote on or just use as a helper to come up with your own topic that I could make a Fun Fact post about: 1. A certain animal
    2. A cool place in the world
    3. An interesting person
    4. A cool worldwide or local event
    5. Something interesting in nature
    You can either vote on these suggestions or use them to come up with your own topics. I will either choose which topic has the most votes, or which topic I think is the most interesting and fun to write about. So, comment on what topic you want me to write about!
    My response:
    Katherine it sounds like you enjoy blogging and your fun facts projects seems really awesome.
    79 reasons why students should blog

    Blog Post #6

    What did you learn from these conversations with Anthony Capps?

    Project Based Learning Part 1
    The driving question in this video "How do you approach project based learning?" Project based learning according to Anthony is not a means to show students that they achieved something. There were a couple of goals that were introduced as part of Project Based Learning.
    1. The goal of a good project is one that has an authentic audience
    2. Student interest
    3. relate projects to the community
    4. projects should be driven by content
    Example project that Anthony used :
    A political story that women were allowed to work or serve in open combat. This project would meet reading, writing and history ACCRS requirements. The students were required to use background information to support their claim. Based off the information that the students found they wrote a letter to their congresswoman. The students critiqued eight and choose the best letters to send.
    Project Based Learning Part 2
    Example 2 The students in Anthony Capps class were studying culture. They wrote a narrative script as if they were a child in Afghanistan by recording a narration on IMovie. Some students focused on food, warfare, religion and some did a blend of all the topics. In the midst a problem arose where one child's father had served in Iraq and felt offended by the students taught about cultures as the one being focused on. So that student worked on a science project as an alternate project. The projects were displayed for parents to see and they were amazed by the projects. PBL will get more than you expect so never limit your students by giving them exactly what you want them to do. The reactions from students :They give valuable feedback and students aren't trapped in worksheets. Reactions from Administration: They accept Anthony's way of teaching and give him reign over his classroom as long as he is meeting ACCRS.
    What is ICURIO?
    ICURIO is an online tool that allows students to safely search websites ,images, videos. It is designed to filter web search engine for students. This search engine requires a login and gives practice on organizing folders and data.

    Discovery Ed
    Science and Social Studies based
    videos take you beyond a picture
    brings experts into the classroom
    brings text to life

    Tips for Teachers
    As a teacher you have to be interested in learning yourself. You should let your work be fun.
    Flexible-respond to events that come up,start with an end goal be flexible and still achieve the correct outcome. 100% engagement is a goal UseTech Don't Teach it You should not teach technology instead use technology sporadically in projects. Technology is used as a source to learn something. Choose one technology at a time to focus on. The benefits of technology based learning students can express themselves.

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    My Sentence Post

    My Passion.....

    My Sentence....

    Blog Post 5

    PLN's What are they? How can they help me as a teacher?
    Personal Learning Networks
    According to Webster a personal learning network is an informal learning network that consists of the people a learner interacts with and derives knowledge from in a personal learning environment. PLN's are used to group people together so new ideas and creations are developed. There are many different types of PLN's they are used in different types of environments. They main goal of Pln is to help others expound on ideas. Social media sites such as twitter, blogs and Facebook can be considered as Pln's. I believe that pln's can help me as teacher by allowing me to collaborate with other teachers on how they instruct. Whenever I find myself in a difficult spot the Pln's can be a great resource for advice. Personal learning Networks

    Sunday, September 14, 2014

    Blog post #4

    Asking Questions: What questions do we ask? How do we ask?

    The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom by. Ben Johnson
    Ben Johnson discusses in his article how sometimes teachers are viewed as being knowledgeable and the source for every answer. So, when teachers ask students questions on the very subject in which they should be knowledge it comes off confusing. The real reasons why teachers ask students questions is to verify that the students grasped the concepts given in the lesson. Most teachers ask "are there any questions " and move on to the next objective, but do teachers really want students to be brave and ask questions? The purpose of questioning students is to enhance their learning and stimulate the thinking process.Students raising their hands
    Asking Questions to Improve Learning
    This article was a helpful step by step approach of how teachers should create an active learning environment by asking questions. It gives strategies on how to ask questions and how to respond to questions asked by students. The main purpose of question sessions is to develop students thinking skills and asses what they have learned. Sometimes questions are more important than answers

    Sunday, September 7, 2014

    Blog Post # 3

    How Can You Provide Meaningful Feedback to Your Peers?
    I loved Page Ellis's blog on how she explained she had trouble conveying to her fellow peer that they needed help with their writing skills. She states that she cared about the individuals feelings and she even discussed her plan of action with Dr. Strange. The Peer editing video was informative and gave great insight on how to address your peers and it even included definitions ,which was helpful. The main idea was cooperative learning never put individuals down ,but give positive helpful feedback to individuals. The fun interactive video Writing peer review was a cute video that appeals more to a younger crowd ,had the same message as the other Blogs and video. The video actually dramatized what students say to each other when critiquing each other. All in all I learned a great deal from the videos and blog.

    Sunday, August 31, 2014

    Blog Post #2

    Mr. Dancealo
    1)What is the central message of this video.
    The central Message of this video is that in order to teach or instruct an individual you need to be engaging and hands on.
    2)How does the author make the case for this conclusion
    The author makes his case by showing the students actions (bored, sleeping, and lost). In the end the students were uncertain on how to perform for the final because of lack of demonstrations and participation.
    3) Do you agree with his conclusion? Why or why not?
    I agree with the author’s conclusion. There a many different types of learners and as a teacher you have to teach based off of your students. Students will not grasp concepts if there appears to be a lack of interactive learning. As a student, it gets boring just listening to someone spit out words, but participation helps retain knowledge.
    Teaching in the 21st Century by. Kevin Roberts
    What does Roberts think it means to teach in the 21st Century? Create an outline of the argument made by Roberts, including the evidence and arguments made to support his thesis. How do you feel about the way Roberts sees teaching changing?
    I feel like Roberts is correct about the way teaching is evolving over time. I do believe that teachers will have to start adapting to the new innovative technologies around them. If Roberts is correct, how will it affect you as an educator?
    As an educator I will be expected to use technology in every expect of teaching.
    Thesis: Teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge
    A. Where are students grasping their information from?
      1. Cell phones
      2. Google
      3. Wikipedia
    B. Do students know how to use technology?
      1. Plagiarism
      2. Copyrighting
      3. Pirating
    C. More focus on engaging
      1. Solving problems
      2. Creativity of the participant
      3. fun and interactive

    Technology will not replace teachers
    The Networked Student by. Wendy Drexler
    The Movie the Networked student was a very informative movie; because I had no clue as to what connectivism was. It sheds light on the whole focus of how networking is essential for higher learning, by combining your thoughts with others you open up a world of research. All though the networking process seemed as though it would eliminate a teacher it doesn’t it actually gives a teacher more grounds for instruction. All in all, this clip was very informative and gave me insight on how networking can be applied to the classroom.
    Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts by. Vicki Davis
    What is the thesis of Davis’ video. What is your reaction to her argument?
    Using media in the classroom is how students are learning by collaborating with others and being open learners. I am in awe of how internet learning can expand worldwide and not just be contained in the classroom.
    Who is ahead in the race?
    If I had to answer this question based off of Dr. Strange’s research I would say that Elementary students are ahead in the race. It is my belief that Dr. Strange should have broaden his research and studied other institutions of higher learning because his results do not give a clear representation. In my opinion college students and graduates are for more technologically advanced than elementary students.
    Flipping The Classroom
    Is flipping a classroom new to you? Do you think this approach will be useful to you as a teacher? Why or why not?
    Flipping a classroom is a new program to me.I believe that this approach will be benefical to me as a teacher because as stated before there are many different types of learners in a classroom and this approach will reach various types of learners.

    Blog post #1

    What are the things (if any) you have heard about EDM310?
    I have heard that EDM 310 is a challenging .Past students have told me that you have to be organized and computer savvy.

    What fears (if any) do you have about EDM310?
    I fear getting behind or failing this course.

    Compare and contrast EDM310 with other courses you have taken in college or high school.
    Compared to my Statistics class at South which is web blended this course takes more time and focus than Stats 210 and that is a math class.EDM 310 is similar to stats because it is web blended and Dr. Strange uses team USA just like my stats 210 course. Team USA consists of group work and individual based work.

    What do you think will be the most difficult thing for you in EDM310?
    I think the most difficult thing for me in EDM 310 will be staying on top of things.

    What is the best way for you to address this “most difficult” aspect of EDM310?
    The best way for me to address this issue is to stay ahead.

    What questions do you still have about EDM310? What ideas do you have about how to address those questions?
    I don’t have any questions.
    quote always desire to learn something useful

    Thursday, August 28, 2014

    Blog Assignment #Practice

    Outline For Blog

    A. Who am I?
      1.Mia Renee Britton
      2. Hometown
      3. South Alabama student
    B. Why do I want to be an educator?
      1. To be a positive influence in children’s lives
      2. To instruct and teach the young minds of America
    C. What does an educator do in his or her practice?
      1. Lead
      2. Motivate
      3. Nurture
    D. What are my passions?
      1. I’m passionate about people
      2. Church
      3. School
    Who am I?
    My name is Mia Britton; I am from Montgomery, Al. I am a daughter of a Marine and I have one amazing little brother. I am a junior at the University of South Alabama. I am currently studying to become a Kindergarten through sixth grade teacher. I am extravert and I enjoy singing, acting.
    Why do I want to be an educator?
    I want to be an educator because I want to teach and develop the young minds of America. I am passionate about learning and helping others. Ever since I was sixteen working in my church Sunday school department I enjoyed helping youngsters, so I felt like it was a calling to teach . I want to see children grow and I want to be an inspiration.
    What does an educator do in his or her Practice?
    An educator provides assistance with life skills and basic knowledge skills.Educators are example for those students who may not have good examples in their lives. The main role of an educator is to lead, motivate and inspire. Educators should also practice good moral standards for their pupils.
    What an educators work entails in the 21st century?
    An educators work in the 21st century requires knowledge in technology. The world is transforming towards a more web based instructional learning, so this would require more knowledge in technology. My Brother and I

    Thursday, August 21, 2014

    My Test Post Title

    This is my First Post. I clicked the HTML button which I should always do in EDM310. I am now a Blogger!